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2014 Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus

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  • Cam phaser came apart and damaged valve cover. Engine lost oil because of hole in valve cover. Replaced engine, drive belt, internal water pump, and replaced necessary gaskets. Discovered several wires and connectors that were chewed by rats. Saved quite a lot of money by repairing these wires and connectors rather than replacing them. Wiring is now properly soldered and sealed from the elements. Be aware of potential rodents in the area of parking. Attempted to clean off as much oil as possible. When the engine exploded, oil went everywhere. Found the transmission mount to be completely torn. Replaced mount while frame was removed. Filled with new oil and replaced oil filter. Filled with genuine DexCool coolant. Replaced front pads and rotors due to them being worn to minimum limit and the caliper slide pins being completely seized. Removed slide pins and cleaned, then reapplied proper lubricant. Replaced passenger side front wheel speed sensor due to it being chewed by a rodent.
  • Alignment
ALLEN H. gave our service a 5 star review on 4/22/2021